How to Behave at a Casino Table

Beginners might find it hard to match the gaming standards of experienced players. But it isn’t just the gaming expertise that determines a player’s gambling managerial quality. One should behave well when gambling at casinos in order to maintain a clean image on the table or the machines. Certain players fail to follow etiquette despite having been on the floors for years. It is something everyone must practice right from the beginning so that no one becomes the reason for the unpleasant gambling experience for others. Learning the rules and following the etiquette are equally important; you do not want to upset anyone else in your pursuit of riches. Let us look at how you should behave at the casino tables.

General Rules

  • Make sure to greet everyone you meet in the casino. Do not hesitate to say ‘hello’ to people you encounter; it is a polite gesture.
  • You shouldn’t pay the dealer for the game. The coins must be collected from the counters without hassling the dealer during the session, and it would also be against the basic rule of casinos.
  • Call for the help of cocktail waitresses when you want a drink. Do not leave your table each time you want a different beverage.
  • When you are playing at a table, you mustn’t use your phone since your conversations over the device may ruin the experience for others.
  • Avoid touching your chips all the time as it signifies your lack of confidence and tendency to cheat.
  • Do not get too comfortable and take all the time in the world to place a bet. Everyone else on the table is waiting to wager on their hands.



  • When you are about to play a game of roulette, make sure to ask for the roulette chips since they are quite different from the ones used for other games.
  • Ask the dealer if you need assistance with wagering. Always place a bet down in a neat pile.
  • Cash out your chips as soon as you decide to put a stop to the game.


  • Since craps involve a lot of socializing and difficult stages, you might want to be careful with your moves. It is always better to plan the amount you want to spend buying coins for the game.
  • Throwing the dice needs dexterity; you shouldn’t hurl it carelessly. Make sure to throw it in such a way that it touches the other side of the wall. The dice shouldn’t go off the table.
  • You must keep your hands off the box when playing the dice.


  • Focus only on your game without giving unwanted advice to others on the table.
  • Throwing the chips in the pot and then raising someone is not a polite gesture as it could be bewildering.
  • Make sure not to discuss your hand when the game is still on.
  • A slow roll is considered disrespectful; so, place your cards on the table regardless of their value in each round.

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